Marketing Agency to Focus on Churches

Aliso Viejo, CA – Clemons Marketing, one of Orange County’s leading integrated marketing agencies, better known for results for tech clients has revealed a shift in its core business focus to helping churches prosper. Headed up by branding expert and

            Douglas Clemons

accomplished marketing consultant Douglas Clemons announced today that the company has begun working with church leaders and faith-based organizations all across the nation.

The company’s social mission to help churches engage more authentically and effectively with its communities and stimulate long-term growth is a core component of its rebrand identity.

“I realized that what churches were missing was a bridge between the faith and non-faith worlds, an organization that straddles both worlds and understands both worlds,” Clemons said. “Even more so I’m passionate about doing God’s work, and being an Ambassador for Christ is the main driver for building our clients’ brands with God’s directions.”

“I see too many churches overwhelmed with how they operate, how to market themselves or communicate meaningfully with their congregations. And I hear the same problems over again from church leaders, too little time, too little experience in marketing and no one who can give them the outcomes they’re seeking,” Clemons said.

This proposition of acting as a bridge between the faith and non-faith worlds reflects the company’s policy of working equally with smaller community churches and large super congregations.

In keeping with the hands-on style of the company’s niche service, Clemons thinks nothing of jumping on a plane to meet and consult with clients, as he believes it’s the only way to truly get to know them and discuss shared values and expectations.

Because of this, the company’s success rate is unusually high as they only create growth strategies in close conjunction with clients.

For more information, and to request a free consultation, please contact 949-441-4851, or email

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