Do you need an audio visual or video script? Do you need it in a hurry? Do you want a first draft that reads like a 3rd draft? Do you want value for your dollars? Then please read on.

Our ability to quickly identify the target audience, the subject and the message — and come up with a polished first draft — cuts pre-production time and produces satisfied customers and producers.

Marketing to motivation — commercials to culture change — technical briefings to training — company overviews and collateral material – documentaries — all designed with your audience and your budget in mind.

With experience extending to television and radio advertising, Clemons Marketing has produced, directed, edited and written scripts for companies throughout Southern California for a broad range of industries, including manufacturing, safety and health, healthcare, service industries, and computer equipment.

From film or video, to CD-ROM & DVD, to live multimedia, as well as printed collateral material, our years experience of in-house corporate environments, combined with real world know-how, saves time and maximizes your budget. Let Clemons Marketing work with you or your producer to create just the right script and production that suits your needs

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