Equipping Churches and Ministries to Reach More People. 

Clemons Marketing is a marketing and communications agency helping churches and ministries reach more people. We equip and train churches and ministries with the right tools to communicate well and stay on mission. Now you can affordably print everything you need to successfully brand and market your church, ministry or non profit. We provide the highest quality printing and the fastest turnarounds.

We would love to come alongside you and your team to manage your marketing efforts. Below you will find some of the services we offer. Contact us today if you have any questions.

Google AdWords Management

We offer a wide range of AdWords management services. Advertising on Google can be an incredibly effective way to bring new visitors to your website and your church. However, managing an Adwords account effectively can be tricky and time consuming, especially for a small team.

Effective Pay Per Click (PPC) ad campaign management requires a level of understanding that doesn’t come from simply reading a book or the latest blog post, but comes from experience managing PPC campaigns for organizations of all sizes with budgets from the hundreds to the hundred thousands.

We can completely manage your account, or work alongside your team to make sure campaigns are optimized well from week to week.

We can also help you get signed up for free grant money from Google, if you qualify.

Every monthly service package includes the following features:

  • Management of 1 Adwords Account
  • Creation and Management of up to 5 campaigns
  • Optimization Service

Facebook Advertising Management

Advertising on Facebook is one of the most cost effective ways to grow your following. With over 1.5 billion people actively using Facebook each month, you literally have an opportunity to reach every nation with the click of a button. Hoping for those people to stumble upon your Facebook page is not effective, you need to reach out and grab them.

We can manage your advertising campaigns on Facebook to ensure you are utilizing all of the social network’s targeting features effectively.

Costs per month are in addition to your advertising budget, which can range from $100 to $3000 per month. Advertising budgets in excess of $3000 may incur additional charges.

Every monthly service package includes the following features:

  • Management of 1 Facebook Ads Account
  • Creation and Management of up to 2 campaigns
  • Optimization Service

Social Media Management & Engagement

Social Media provides an incredible opportunity to engage directly with people all over the world, including those who attend your church, those who may be interested in attending, or those seeking answers.

Just posting content, links to events, and church announcements isn’t a great strategy to encourage people to attend your church. We believe there is real value in intentionally engaging with people online, to build relationships and get to know them where they spend most of their time. A church only has a few hours per week to engage with people in person, but there are numerous opportunities to engage with them online as they share about their life in real time.

A busy social media manager spend most of his or her time listening to others online, reading and moderating comments, liking and sharing posts, retweeting tweets, answering questions, and looking for ways to provide value for those following their accounts. This takes time and energy, and must be done within the confines of a pastoral care plan and a carefully executed content strategy.

We also find that most social media managers don’t have a plan for dealing with a negative comment or crisis situation in the rare but not unlikely situation that people start engaging negatively with your church. We help ensure a pre-thought out plan is in place and that those handling the accounts are well trained to handle these situations with grace, love, and poise.

We can help you plan a social media engagement strategy and assist in implementing it online with monthly support. We can completely manage your account, escalating situations through preapproved channels when appropriate, or we can co-manage your accounts with your team.

Every monthly service package includes the following features:

  • Management of 1 Account (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Engagement tracking and reporting (likes, comments, shares, etc.)

Content Management

Any online strategy hinges on the quality and consistency of the content that you are able to share, but coming up with quality content can be time consuming.

We can help implement a content plan, and identity sources for creating content such as the Sunday sermon. For example, we could review your sermon each week and pull quotes, video and audio clips, and other content to create blog posts and social media posts.

We can also help write blog posts, re-purpose content from past material, and more.

Every monthly service package includes the following features:

  • Content curation from the weekly sermon
  • Up to 2 blog posts per month
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