Why Every Business Needs a Website, And a Good One!

Unless you’re a small business owner who is not interested in growing your brand, you need to have a website. These days, building a business website or ecommerce store is easier than ever: it doesn’t cost much money, you don’t have to know how to code or design, your online store is not restricted to […]

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Key Elements of Effective Church Marketing

Equipping Churches and Ministries to Reach More People.  Clemons Marketing is a marketing and communications agency helping churches and ministries reach more people. We equip and train churches and ministries with the right tools to communicate well and stay on mission. Now you can affordably print everything you need to successfully brand and market your […]

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Marketing Agency to Focus on Churches

Marketing Agency to Focus on Churches Aliso Viejo, CA – Clemons Marketing, one of Orange County’s leading integrated marketing agencies, better known for results for tech clients has revealed a shift in its core business focus to helping churches prosper. Headed up by branding expert and accomplished marketing consultant Douglas Clemons announced today that the […]

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Why A Marketing Strategy Is Critical For Any Organization

And on to our favorite subject:  Marketing Strategies. Part of the marketing planning process, this topic is our favorite for two reasons: a well-developed strategy simplifies the everyday marketing job as it makes the implementation of different initiatives straight-forward. Secondly, that’s what we specialize in, and we love what we do. Marketing Strategy Definition A […]

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How to Select the Right Marketing Agency For Your Organization

Choosing a marketing agency to partner with is a lot like … well, you’ve heard the analogies. It’s a lot like dating, marriage, buying a car, finding a needle in a haystack. Each of these examples circle back to the same general idea that some thought should be put into the decision in order to […]

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